Paulain is a brand of special dresses for special occasions. And for special girls: for those who, like us, are ready to try new things, experiment with design and style, stand out at any party, and look different from everyone else.

You are our inspiration! Paulain brings design luxury to the pret-a-porte collection, creating delight, stylish and expressive dresses for you. We value your personality; All our decisions are designed to emphasize the best features and dignity of every woman.

There are fragrances that open up differently on different people. Same with our dresses. Even if you wear a Paulain dress only once in a lifetime: it should still be perfect. Therefore, we select decorative materials and fabrics so carefully; We pay attention to each element, each seam.


Choosing a dress for the prom, the girl sums up the results of Youth or challenges her adult future... How a dress can tell about its owner is not hard to guess. Here, magnificent romanticism and refined extravagance, lace tenderness and audacity of the silhouette.

The choice, of course, is yours! And we offer you to plunge into a wonderful variety of beautiful dresses for graduation, collected from different collections of Paulain and, in our opinion, most appropriate to such a stunning event as Prom.


By choosing the right dress, you can give yourself a new look and style, you can change your mood, and maybe even your destiny ... So that you can find and try on your own Dress of Fortune and Dress of Dreams, Paulain artists and craftsmen combine the best materials, the most progressive technology, the latest and most original designs.

Your dress speaks the same language with you; it knows exactly what you can be; it helps you to fully reveal the brightest side of your character. It inspires you, guides and guides you. Your dress is your secret code and attorney of your secrets, this is your talisman that will certainly bring you many, many happy moments!


Cocktail dresses have become a dress code for many events, formal receptions and is a must-have wardrobe item for every lady. There is a rule - cocktail dresses are worn on events that start after 7 pm.

The combined variants look great: a tight top and a wide flying skirt, a bustier dress and a dress with an overstated waistline. The only rule is that either the chest or legs should be opened, in other words - the more the decollete, the longer the skirt. And vice versa.

To become a retailer

If you liked our dresses and want to join one of the most beautiful businesses in the world, become a Retailer. In order to become an authorized Paulain Retailer, please fill out the Retailer Application first.

In order to become an authorized Paulain Retailer, you must first fill out the Retailer Application. Please allow about week post submission for us to process your request. Once processed we will reach out with our decision and any stipulations.

Thank you so much for your interest in the Paulain brand, we look forward to our potential partnership.