"COSMOPOLITAN" girl lives in a BIG world full of miracles and greating possibilities. She falls in love with cities and countries, discovering all new ways of inspiration.

Passionate Argentina or elevated Alps? Cheerful Portofino or old-fashioned Edinburgh? Our hero is very different; however, she has endless curiosity and love for this WORLD.

JOIN US in our FASCINATING dress journey by Paulain.

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Delicate evening dress with a transparent top and unique embroidery
You can stay up all night to immerse in the pink predawn haze that envelops the cool seaside, to wan..


Long lace top and satin skirt evening dress
The path to the ideal shows us the way full of unexpected moments. By progressing, we may discover s..


Passionate evening dress with extravagant print
Such passions rage within you, comparable solely to the hot Argentine tango, whose rhythms thrill ev..


Evening dress for a perfect silhouette
Demureness takes over the cities – it surely does, if a strong personality, sophisticated taste and ..


Seductive laced and high split evening dress
Where passions bubble and a true fire rages in the blood, where improbable flowers bloom and brightl..


Glamorous evening dress with magical patterns
Against all winds! You believe in yourself strongly and never stop on your way, pursuing the intende..


Delicate evening dress with an airy skirt
The sky here is so amazingly clear that one can greet the dawns and wave goodbye to the sunsets ever..


Evening dress with a tulle skirt and a lace top
What is true luxury for you? Probably, a chance to be yourself – emotional and gentle, empathic and ..


Light dress with a feminine silhouette and sophisticated details
You wish to find the road to the fantastic City of Angels – the place where only the beautiful and t..


Lace evening silhouette dress
You are welcomed by the myriads of lights of the megalopolis – the one that never sleeps, enjoying e..


Designer dress decorated with bright embroidery
How are you planning to spend your ideal Paris vacation? Are you going to drink coffee with deliciou..


Gorgeous dress made out of weighless tulle and lace mesh
What will another day of your journey give you? Let it be an amazing acquaintance or a fascinating i..


Beautiful corset and a skirt set
Some people say there are no dreamers left in the world – yet, both you and we know it is not true. ..


Sensual evening dress with voluminous flowers
Should one overcome such a depth of feelings? Or should one plunge into them, as if it were a deep l..
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