Embark on an unforgettable fashion journey with Paulain! The main impetus of the new collection lies in its very name. Say "Fly, baby, fly!" and feel the energy of movement. Try on the dress you like and feel how the whole world revolves around you.

Brand designers appeal to young girls, before whom any roads are open. Their journey into adulthood begins with a new dress and anticipation of the upcoming changes. This is the time when you can and should experiment, starting from your hidden desires. Allow yourself all the brightest, eye-catching and festive.

The aesthetics of minimalism, which has turned everyone's heads, is supported by each dress of the Fly, baby, fly collection! Laconic cut lines, impeccable fit, careful choice of materials and the search for new textures, interesting stylistic solutions - this is a way to go beyond the limits of the possible. The marvelous adult world will catch you. But will he be able to catch it?.. Fly, enjoying your youth, beauty and freedom.


The collection «My mood is My dress» was created by the Paulain® team for women who do not hide their true nature. Do you want to be sexy? Or maybe romantic? Or is your evening special and you'd rather not be too cocky? This collection will allow you to express your mood, which you put on in anticipation of the evening.

You can find your dress in this collection not only for parties, restaurants and celebrations, but also for a business meeting. Who knows how this or that evening will turn out? And you will always be fully armed, because the sheath dresses from this collection can be strict and businesslike, but putting on a heel and putting on brighter lips and voila, you will outshine everyone with your elegance and beauty!


The «Shine» collection is a superpower that exists in every woman. This is the light that women bring to our world through the sine of their eyes, fire of belief and blaze of glory.

To make the shine the key concept of our collection, the Paulain® team chose classic silhouettes inspired by the «golden couture» of the 1990s and made them in a modern minimalist style. Nothing distracts the eye from the sharpened lines and sparkling textures. The collection features the finest fabrics such as chiffon, organza and tulle that allow us to create a multi-layered but light dress; glitter and rhinestones make the dresses shine bright like diamonds.


The reality and standards of the 21st century present feminine beauty from a different perspective. Paulain® designers provide their vision of a young dresser — mischievous and flirty, confident and trusting, tender and bold.

«Miss Paulain» can be stunningly beautiful while staying natural. This truly is a young woman of a new era, she cherishes her uniqueness and is proud of it. She can be incredibly sexy while still being comfortable. Her emotional intelligence combined with her skill to charm attracts and inspires.

The harmony of the «Miss Paulain» world is created from fanciful lines, intricate patterns, unexpected decisions, expensive fabrics and unique mixes.

«Miss Paulain» is sure: the non-standard beauty permits you to be special and attractive at all times.


Woman is the world's harmony. She is the "5th element" that brings order and meaning to the world. Woman is the reason for the balance of men's worlds, for planets and satellites moving the right way. With her, life has purpose.

The woman's mission is to organize the notes of men's thoughts, deeds and feelings into melody, harmonize and grace the world. This very thought inspired Paulain to create a new collection.

Each dress is a symbol of femininity with a hint of playfulness and seduction. Lace "Shadow Aim", gleaming with a billion little sparks "Pearl" and shining rose quartz "Hera" – they are created for those who are always ready to be the center of attention.

Are you ready to shine, command and conquer? Choose the dress that fits the mood, reflects your personality or is perfect for an upcoming occasion. Be the center of the Universe, adorn it in one of Paulain dresses.

For women are the beauty of this world, and our collection shows that.

Timeless Love

Love has always been inspiration for painters, sculptors, poets, musicians, and it inspired Paulain artists to create a new collection of beautiful dresses.

Each character of Timeless Love is a symbol of time, a unique fate and a love story shimmering in the memory of mankind like a diamond.

Tremulous Ophelia and decisive Irene Adler, ardent young Juliet and the leader of the Valkyries Freya, humble Meggie and passionate Carmen - they are all different, but each one has become the personification of Love. Personification of everlasting, endless, all-consuming Love.

Choose the image that suits your spirit and notions of beauty best of all, and hurry to conquer the world with Paulain dresses, creating the most beautiful page in the history of Eternal Love.

After Five

Collection "After Five" consists of dresses from semi-formal events, which are usually held after five in the evening. In places where there is no excessive luxury, where simplicity and elegance are welcomed.

To help you, we have selected colors that are suitable not only for young women, but for woman at a more respected age, these are rich plum shades, burgundy and blue colors.

As well, there are gentle pastel colors, as they rejuvenate and give fresgness. In dresses of the After Five collection, a women will look not only luxurious, but fashionable and attractive, which means - elegatly.

Incredible Stories

You are going places, you are flying, you are determined to see new coutries, get new emotions and meet new people. Some will say "She is crazy!" Some will admire you! Some will quetly nod in approval! Noone will be left indifferent. You will inspire them to dream of a stress free adventurous and exciting life. It is possible to live a life full of surprises, it is possible to have fun every day. It possible to fall in love with...

Adventure! Paulaine's New Collection is dedicated to a dreamer. An inspiring dreamer who will make it all happen! To a woman who believes that everyday is special. To a woman who can easily become a role model. Our collection, our story is not just a combination of words. It is made out of stunning dresses telling their unique stories...

First Lady

It all begins with HER. Her power. Her beauty. Her confidence. Her wisdom. Her graciousness. Her passion. Her desire. Her LOVE. She will always be the one. The best one. The unstoppable one. The one who will lead.

Collection "The First Lady. East - West" - the story of a woman, who inspires and motivates. This is the story about dresses, that are worth such women.


"COSMOPOLITAN" girl lives in a BIG world full of miracles and greating possibilities. She falls in love with cities and countries, discovering all new ways of inspiration.

Passionate Argentina or elevated Alps? Cheerful Portofino or old-fashioned Edinburgh? Our hero is very different; however, she has endless curiosity and love for this WORLD.

JOIN US in our FASCINATING dress journey by Paulain.


The collection "CITY SOIREE" by Paulain is dedicated to a beautiful urban girl. She is bright, femenine, sensual and free.

When being asked: "Are you going to the party" she nods affirmatively and says Yes!

For this, she needs a perfrct dress that will accentuate her beauty and will be a continuation of her personality.


The harmony of the dresses' lines is achieved by verified proportions and a consonant combination of decor elements. The lace volume, texture of fabrics, eye-catching colors and its' combinations were fully used to realize the ideas of Paulain designers.

Possessing great creative experience, Paulain tried to express its own idea of ​​Beauty in stunning evening dresses of the new collection. Experience the aesthetic pleasure of beautiful Paulain evening dresses of the new LA BEAUTÉ collection, created exclusively with the thoughts of our dear graduates.