A bride – what is she like? What thoughts and feelings does she experience just before her special day, in the very moment when she find the one and only, perfect dress for her? It is so important for us to understand this, it is so important to be delicate, accurate, in an attempt to become a part of every girl’s life, because it’s hard to find a more trembling and tender moment. Perhaps, only the birth of a baby will become something that can outshine the emotions of the Bride. That is why, creating every new dress, Paulain designers with their whole being mentally connect with every girl who dresses it and plunge into the world and feelings of the future bride. That is why the dresses are so delicate, warm, so exquisite and, of course, beautiful. Because every dress has a soul. Soul and perception of the beauty. he new capsule collection MONROE by Paulain contains the fashion trends of Minimalism, a style that is ideal for every bride. The dresses are sophisticated, not overloaded with many details - an answer to the modern brides’ request.

These are the Dresses, which have main thing:
The sophistication and purity of the bride is the purity of lines and shapes in each Paulain dress. The tenderness of the bride is the absolute absence of aggressive and heavy elements.The simple word “YES” that the bride will say at the main moment, it is a dress that shines just like every girl shines.We embrace each of the brides with our dress and wish unlimited happiness and love for lifetime.


Pearl mini wedding dress with open shoulders
Will air castles crumble in the winds? Do not believe it! There is nothing more reliable than a drea..


Wedding romantic floor-length dress with straps and removable sleeve
The young lover of the Sun King Louis XIV Angelica de Scoray was gentle and naive, she never learned..

ANRI Mikado

Elegant Mikado wedding dress with thin straps
Every girl wants to be irresistible on her wedding day. Our HENRI wedding dress was specially design..


Gorgeous airy tea-length wedding dress with a thin belt
Transparent balloon sleeves and an ethereal fabric of this evening dress create a romantic atmospher..


Wedding short dress with a pearl cape on the straps
Dreams and woolgathering are like beautiful butterflies fluttering from flower to flower and invitin..


Elegant minimalistic wedding dress with pearl cape
Dreams and woolgathering are like beautiful butterflies fluttering from flower to flower and invitin..


Light and airy glitter dress with sleeves like "wings"
Airy and delicate, like a morning breeze, this evening dress will brighten your day. Flowing flutter..

KIM Maxi

Wedding puffy dress with a slit on the leg and a deep neckline
A full airy slit skirt reveals slender legs, bare shoulders and V-neck look teasingly attractive and..

KIM Mini

Wedding mini dress with straps with a full skirt
Short skirt with fluffy rufflles accentuates beautiful long legs. Bare shoulders and V-neck highligh..


Long wedding dress with deep V-neckline
Minimalism and luxury embodied in one dress — LIV. Our MONROE wedding dress collection never ceases ..


Light wedding dress with a dropped sleeve, high slit and open shoulders
"Oh, how young and sweet she is!" - older women will say about you, and men's eyes will light up in ..


Beautiful wedding dress with thin straps
MIA is the embodiment of fine lines. This wedding dress reveals the beauty of the bride. Fine straps..


Wedding long dress of noble silhouette with open shoulders and voluminous sleeves
Luxurious evening dress, perfect for special occasions. The delicate skin of bare shoulders attracts..


Wedding minimalistic midi length dress with open shoulders
Puffy sleeves do not hinder the movements of the hands and delicately emphasize graceful narrow hand..


Wedding dress with weightless lace bodice and high slit chiffon long skirt
With NANA, your wedding look will be unique and outstanding. If you want to glow on your wedding day..


Milk wedding dress with an original back and three-quarter sleeves
This NEVA wedding dress will make you look breathtaking. Purely minimalistic. Beauty is in simplicit..


Bright mini length wedding dress of made of glitter fabric with a zipper
The most charming and attractive bride... That’s what you will be on your wedding day in your PEARL ..


Stylish wedding dress for an extraordinary look
The 21st century is the age of freedom and independence. This is what defines this dress from our la..


Sophisticated wedding long dress on a corset with open shoulders
Light-blue, as the sky in March, this evening dress wraps around the graceful figure, flowing with y..


Wedding beautiful mini dress made of chiffon with a lowered sleeve
Light-blue, as the sky in March, this evening dress wraps around the graceful figure, flowing with y..


Royal A-Line Long Wedding Dress with Short Sleeves
The queen shines at the ball, and you will shine at your wedding. In this TUTTA dress from the lates..


Separate wedding dress from top and chic skirt to the floor
This Heart Whispers wedding dress is ideal for a loft, Tiffany or Provence wedding. It is a two-piec..


Feminine Tea-Length Wedding Dress with Crossed Back Straps
The wedding day is a special day. The air is filled with tenderness and reverence. Our designers cre..
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